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Mitch Hedberg 1968-2005

This week's news coverage has been so dominated by imminent and actual high-profile death that a big one has almost slipped through the cracks- Comedian Mitch Hedberg died Wednesday at age 37. Called "The Next Seinfeld" by Time Magazine, he breathed a lot of new life into observational comedy with his George-Carlin-on-more-drugs style.

Posted by Tim Harrod on 03/31/2005 | Permalink


well, i was destroyed when i first heard of mitch's passing. then i did some online research. turns out his problems have actually been no secret for quite a while. apparently his shows of late have been disastrous and he couldn't even perform on stage. what a sad waste of a great talent.

Posted by: Yaniv | Mar 31, 2005 9:50:20 PM

One of the absolute funniest stand-ups I've ever seen (and I am a comedy geek). I am clinging to the sick foolish hope that it's all a hoax--and gaining some insight into those who think Elvis and Andy Kaufman are still alive. Rest in peace, Mitch.

Posted by: Jack Silbert | Apr 2, 2005 11:31:22 PM

This was NOT a waste of talent! Mitch did his job here on Earth. He brought joy and laughter to many who need it. Some just judged him because he was a stoner. Every comedian gets criticized. You read enough reviews of a comedian's show and you'll get at least ONE negative response.

Posted by: Josh | Apr 6, 2005 10:15:31 PM

Noel Murray did an interview with Mitch for the Onion A.V. Club last September. Here's the link:

And I put the trims (the questions and answers that were edited for space) on my blog here:

Posted by: Donna | Apr 9, 2005 3:47:02 PM

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