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Sucking on the tit of McDonald's

McdonaldsfeedWhen searching for an image for the post below, I happened across this European ad for McDonalds and it made me do a doubletake. They've gotta be kidding, right? This is a parody?  No and no. I'm not sure when the ad was made but I'd guess around 2002. Pretty funny in light of McDonald's recent attempts to distance itself from marketing junk food to kids, huh?

I'll bet if someone were to hunt down the research behind this campaign, there'd be memos (akin to those from the tobacco industry) about the importance of getting kids hooked.

Posted by carrie on 04/01/2005 | Permalink


Amazing. Reminds me of this:

Posted by: mark | Mar 28, 2005 12:47:32 AM

Oh my holy psychopathic Jesus! That is quite possibly the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. I... I can't even think of anything witty or anecdotal. They've just gone too far!

Posted by: Java Black | Mar 28, 2005 9:31:57 PM

Wait... why do people get pissed off at americans?? Did I just read an excerpt somewhere that France was getting fat??

Posted by: LORI | Mar 29, 2005 1:12:39 AM

Wow. Just... wow.

Mark, that link is fantastic.

Here's a comment my son and I made a few weeks ago:

Posted by: Jexia | Mar 29, 2005 5:09:54 PM

That ad is pretty sick. What is this world coming to? Here is another article on this topic with similar pictures at the bottom:

Posted by: Sara | Mar 30, 2005 2:35:21 PM

I don't know what's more disturbing: that image, or the fact that the singular form of McGriddles is apparently...McGriddles.

Posted by: Jack Silbert | Mar 31, 2005 12:31:35 AM

hey carrie,

are you sure this wasn't just an adbusters-inspired parody ad ? the url seems kind of a giveaway ...

Posted by: senatorhung | Apr 4, 2005 6:23:00 PM

"The URL seems like a giveaway"? Not sure what you mean. The URL is legit; it goes to McDonald's in Austria (as I said, this is a European ad). And the other link is to an outdoor advertising agency (Gewista) that lists McDonald's as the client and "CCP Heye" ad the ad agency that created it.

Posted by: carrie | Apr 4, 2005 6:49:26 PM

guys, it's real: -- click on the mcdonalds picture, then "print" on the popup. about the 4th picture shown is the one mentioned above. i myself think that not a lot of people are outraged about this kind of advertising here in europe... actually, i find it quite clever, myself.

Posted by: mario f | Apr 8, 2005 5:30:15 AM

I'm American and I find it quite clever, too. Americans are overly sensitive regarding the impact of commercialism on their children as a whole. How about you get off your fat butts, turn of the tv and go outside to play for a while? I have 4 sibs, and 3 children - McD's was and is NOT a staple in our lives, nor is it considered a "treat." Convenience is ruining everyone's health. But my disdain for fast food aside, the picture itself is adorable. The eyes on that child! Full of glee - and suckin on a sesame seed bun. Cute and clever.

Posted by: Nathalie | Apr 9, 2005 12:01:39 PM

this, on the other hand, IS parody:

Posted by: tinker | May 20, 2005 2:22:00 AM

what you don't see is that the baby is actually 47 pounds. thanks ronald.

Posted by: redroomcinema | Jun 1, 2005 4:20:40 PM

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