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Piracy is Good?

Some of you might have read Mark Pesce's two-part series Piracy is Good? How Battlestar Galactica Killed Broadcast TV. For the uninitiated, here are parts I and II.

Pesce argues that Hollywood needs to give up fighting illicit downloading and find a new revenue model (no surprise there), but his plan leaves some questions unresolved. He suggests cutting out the middleman by abandoning the networks and having TV producers work directly with ad agencies. Sounds good to me. But his "big idea" for making money is to integrate more advertising into the shows. The problem I see is that this doesn't leave space for noncommercial programming. One reason HBO shows are such a success is that they needn't rely on ad revenue; viewers pay a premium price for quality. How will that work with internet-based distribution model where everything is free?

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