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What's that stench?

Advertising Age reports that Proctor & Gamble has come out with a deodorant for 7-year-old girls.

“Girls have started using deodorant younger and younger,” said Dave Knox, assistant brand manager at P&G overseeing the body-spray launch. “If you don’t target the consumer in her formative years, you’re not going to be relevant through the rest of her life.”

People in Knox's business refer to this as KAGOY: "kids are getting older younger." The term handily includes not only cultural and social dimensions but physical as well. As Entrepreneurial Connection tells it, "Puberty begins almost a full year earlier than it did 50 years ago, likely as a result of better nutrition as well as obesity."

Better nutrition? You sure about that?

Posted by carrie on 05/05/2005 | Permalink


It is like "no smoking", or "no nitrites" in your food.
Yet, "my grandfather lived to a ripe old age of ninety, and he "ate hot dogs" and "smoked cigars" until he died in 1984."
Yes, but "he" was a youngster way before the FDA approved of mass injection of preservatives in food and tobacco.
Young girls might look to their "elder" gender and that generations' incline of breast cancer, and ask whether or not it might be linked to chemicals in their under arm deoderant.

Posted by: knightsublime | May 8, 2005 12:16:13 PM

Apparently the concern is that these girls' bodies are maturing quicker, while they still retain the emotional and mental characteristics of little girls. This is news? Go to any bar in Manhattan any night of the week and you'll see 30-, 40- and somethimes 50-year-olds with the emotional and mental characteristics of pre-pubescent females. It's a chicken-or-the-egg question: is the social phenomenon a result of mind-controlling mass media and advertising, or the other way around?

Posted by: johnbass | May 18, 2005 11:55:51 AM

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