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Real limited world

Sunday's New York Times had an article about cities vying for the chance to host The Real World that includes this knee-snapper by an MTV drone: "Philadelphia, more than any city I know, recognized they really need 'The Real World."

That may be true of, say, the Mayor or the city's PR department. But according to former Stay Free! intern/Philadelphia scenester Ryan Creed, the cool places in Philadelphia "needed" The Real World so badly that the crew kept gettting turned away at the door. The cast was forced to go to the same fame-whoring clubs over and over while the Philadelphia's real world marched on without MTV's cameras intruding.

If the Real World wants to shake things up, they should send those kids to the real world. Am I the only one who wants to see Real World Lahore?

Posted by Charles Star on 06/21/2005 | Permalink


We have an old friend who has worked on several Real Worlds and other reality shows. After talking to this person at length about how calculated, staged, and prepared these shows are, the name "the Real World" couldn't be more ironic.

Posted by: Steve Lambert | Jun 21, 2005 3:29:16 PM

hey there is this hysterical article in the latest GQ about "The Real World" and post Real World fame or non-fame...kinda like people whoring for work like the David Brent from the is very funny and totally apt to this discussion

Posted by: Makar | Jun 23, 2005 10:03:08 AM

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