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Fuck This Book

AdditionfuckingSeemingly out of the blue, this wonderful little book with the punk rock title appeared in the mail. The concept is terribly juvenile -- Bodhi Oser places stickers that say FUCK over everyday street signs and other notices, then photographs them--but the results are so hilarious you can't help but be charmed by them.

In a public restroom: "Do not FUCK hand towels." On campus: "Persons must obtain approval of the principal before FUCKing in classrooms or on school grounds." On the street: "Absolutely no FUCKing in front of this door." The book is so handsome, I'd put it on my coffee table (if I had a coffee table). 

Alas, it won't be out until August, but Oser has started a website and is encouraging people to make their own stickers and send in photos.

Posted by carrie on 07/08/2005 | Permalink


Hee! When I was a kid, my edgy uncle had a stash of square stickers - white backgroud with a black screw printed on them. He used to put them over the hearts on bumper stickers - thus "I (heart) my labrador retriever" or "KEGL (heart)s Dallas" became "I (screw) my labrador retriever" or "KEGL (screw)s Dallas." This was 20 years ago, and it was uproariously funny to my 6th-grade self.

Posted by: sarra | Jul 8, 2005 6:19:25 PM

May I suggest the Powell's link, what with Amazon being an evil corporation that bashes indie bookstores into oblivion, and Powells being a joyful place of happy fun independence :)

Posted by: Beth | Jul 8, 2005 8:07:20 PM

Regarding Sarra's comment about the screw stickers: My friend Robert send away for those after seeing them in the back of Rolling Stone or some other mag. He had a great time sticking them all over the "I [Heart] ..." stickers, but we felt pretty crappy when he punked the station wagon with the "I [Heart] Jerry's Kids" bumper sticker! Amusing to 6th graders AND teenagers in garage bands!

Posted by: becky | Jul 11, 2005 6:44:08 PM

that is some com-O-dee.


Posted by: el serracho | Jul 18, 2005 5:45:33 PM

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