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The Pirates and the Mouse

AirpiratesLast December, Reason ran a cover story on Disney's war against the '60s underground comic Air Pirates. I could be wrong, but Dan O'Neill, who came up with Air Pirates, may be the only successful artist to intentionally provoke a copyright lawsuit. O'Neill picked a fight with Disney, not simply by publishing lewd comics featuring Mickey Mouse and the gang, but by making sure Disney executives personally saw them. When Disney struck back and won a resounding victory in court, O'Neill -- incredibly enough -- kept at it, using Mickey to satirize his legal battle in "Communique #1 from the M.L.F. [Mouse Liberation Front]" (pictured at right)

It's a good story, and you can read more of it in Bob Levin's book The Pirates and the Mouse: Disney's War Against the Counterculture.

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