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Erik Estrada, Esq.

Erikestradawhore Did you think Erik Estrada hit rock bottom when the only post-CHiPs acting work he could get relied on an ironic nostalgia for Ponch? Did you think it was when he started acting in a telenovela - based on ironic nostalgia for Ponch, repeating lines that came from an offstage Cyrano because he doesn't speak Spanish? Maybe you thought it was when he sold the ironic nostalgia for Ponch to shill for a real estate company. Wrong, three times over.

Erik Estrada hit rock bottom when he took ironic nostalgia for Ponch to become a pitchman for hire for law firms.

I'm Erik Estrada, and I've heard of the legal system. As a former television cop about whom you might have ironic nostalgia, I know that I would trust my case to Jewname, Jewname & Latino and you should too.

(Thanks to Beeeej, who let me tear the ad from his copy of Trial)

Posted by Charles Star on 05/21/2006 | Permalink


I know this has nothing to do about the article but I don't know how else to accomplish what I need to accomplish. I was raised in Muncie Indiana where "Armed and Famous" was filmed. I have some ideas to help the community and wanted to get Erik's opinion on his stay and why the movie was filmed there. I have a letter I would like to either mail or fax over to Erik explaining why I am interested in knowing his opinion if he would take the time to read it. Thank you.

Posted by: Vickey Brubaker | Apr 17, 2007 9:44:24 AM

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