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Computer Press = Pravda?

At the risk of further offending the Apple Mafia, and noting that some of Stay Free's best (and favoritest) PC's and mp3 players are Apple products, I regret to inform you that not only is Apple not a big fan of critical reporting on Apple, neither is an important arm of the Apple-covering press.

According to Wired, PC World Editor-In-Chief Harry McCracken resigned after the CEO of the company spiked an anti-Apple humor article:

The piece, a whimsical article titled "Ten Things We Hate About Apple," was still in draft form when [new CEO Colin] Crawford killed it. McCracken said no way and walked after Crawford refused to compromise. Apparently Crawford also told editors that product reviews in the magazine were too critical of vendors, especially ones who advertise in the magazine, and that they had to start being nicer to advertisers.

That is one rigorous firewall between editorial and advertising you've established, Col. I wonder if it had anything to do with his past tenure at MacWorld ... why yes it does!

Crawford was former CEO of MacWorld and only started at PC World about a month ago. According to the PC World source, when Crawford was working for the Mac magazine, Steve Jobs would call him up any time he had a problem with a story the magazine was running about Apple.

I wonder why it is so hard to get people to believe that iPods are fragile. I mean, it isn't reported on much...

(Via Gawker)

UPDATE: McCracken stays, Crawford is kicked upstairs and out of an editorial role. Again, via Gawker, who reads Wired's blog so I don't have to.

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