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The capitalist response to Sicko

Adfreebutton2 Google started taking its first steps into evil when it allowed China to begin filtering content. It took its first big local step when it encouraged HMO's to buy GoogleAds using Sicko as a keyword to counter the message of the movie. (This is yet another reason why Stay Free! is an Ad-Free Blog - it is hard enough to rouse ourselves to provide content for the blog; we'd hate to be undone by our own sidebar.)

The Google founders do seem like good guys, and the motto "Do No Evil" is a noble sentiment. Alas, this is another bit of proof that incorporating one's company is a lot like getting bit by a vampire - no matter how good a person you were before the bite, and no matter how hard you want to still be that person, you are eventually going to start drinking human blood.

In any event, we are big fans of Sicko and you really should watch the movie (it's free!).

(Movie link via Liam)

Posted by Charles Star on 07/02/2007 | Permalink


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