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And they'll be even jumpier after they get the coffee

Policestarbucks In what may go down as the worst idea ever, the Rancho Cordova police have started pulling over random drivers who are not breaking the law to give them $5 Starbucks gift cards — all under the guise of spreading 'Christmas spirit.'

It sounds like one of the Improv Everywhere pranks that starts out with good intentions and ends up creeping out the person being 'given a good time.' Just wait until a guy with a trunk full of pot stomps on the gas when he sees a cop on his tail, setting off a dangerous high-speed chase. Merry Christmas!

(Photo by Ed Giles)

Posted by Charles Star on 12/20/2007 | Permalink


I don't know; as a hardcore Starbucks addict who might soon have to enter a life of crime to support his caffeine habit, this sounds like a good way to induce me to stick to the straight and narrow.

Posted by: Joel Klebanoff | Dec 20, 2007 9:06:25 PM

There was an old Sesame Street bit where a tough looking cowboy called Bad Bart comes into a saloon, and gruffly announces who he's looking for...oh, why bother explaining it when you've got YouTube. He's going to give someone...what they deserve....

Posted by: Steve Portigal | Dec 21, 2007 4:36:35 PM

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