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Stay Free! presents "Adult Education"

Adult Education Stay Free! is pleased to announce the launch of Adult Education, a monthly series at Union Hall in Park Slope. Each program will feature 4 or 5 speakers presenting brief lectures that use visuals of one stripe or another (kind of like "show and tell" for grown-ups). Each show will have a theme and each lecture will tie in loosely to that theme. Stay Free!'s own Charles Star will host.

To be kept abreast of forthcoming themes and events, see our MySpace and Facebook pages. Here's what we've got so far:

Tues., January 22, 2008
Union Hall (Union & 5th St., Park Slope), 8 pm

On YouTube, there are scores of toddler's expressions after sucking on lemons. Entire groups of flickr photos are organized around photos of people wearing sweatshirts, photos of painted trains, photos of body hair. You could fill a small bookshelf with fake children's memoirs. In this show, we discuss several examples of what we're calling "micro-genres."

Liz Clayton: The Architecture of Converted Fast-Food Restaurants
Paul Lukas: On Elevator World, American Jails, and other obscure trade magazines
Heidi Cody: First National Icons: Native Americans in Grocery Brands
Jim Hanas: On meta-tourism: photos of tourists taking photos
Russell Scholl: On TV Commercials for Personal Hygiene Products

Tues., February 12, 2008

Union Hall (Union & 5th St., Park Slope), 8 pm

This will be the first in our series of "hybrid" themes, where we combine two dissonant topics and ask writers to come up with a lecture that somehow manages to incorporate both.

Daniel Radosh: The Quest to Develop Kosher Bacon
Mikki Halpin: Sexual Violence in the Domestic Pug
Jeffrey Kastner: A Brief History of Animals on Trial
Carrie McLaren: Animal Hoarding as Social Ill: Beware the Cat Lady

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i can't wait! sounds amazing!

Posted by: daniel | Dec 18, 2007 1:48:21 PM

i like the mix of your blog. will be sending psych students this way

Posted by: charmayne | Dec 19, 2007 2:28:24 AM

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