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Live on Satellite

Plug alert: I am going to be interviewed at 5PM today on "The Blog Bunker" at INDIE TALK 110 on behalf of Stay Free!

A quick too-late-to-matter Google search shows that the host is Joe Salzone, a twentysomething conservative and Paulite. As it happens, I'm reading Ira Glass's New Kings of Non-Fiction, specifically, Host, David Foster Wallace's essay on conservative talk radio. I'm a little wary about being forced onto the defensive but I figure I can hold my own.

In any event, I'll be talking into a microphone that will disperse my thoughts into the ether and I'll do my best to entertain.

UPDATE: The taping was fun, the host is not confrontational and I think it went well, even if I was a little stiff.The show will be rebroadcast tonight at 11PM. If anyone listens, feedback would be nice. Here is my own feedback to myself: "Be funnier."

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Adult Education: Trash and the City - Tonight!

Carrie and I are hosting another session of our lecture series Adult Education tonight in Park Slope at Union Hall. Tonight's lecture, Trash and the City, has some great topics and actual bona fide experts!

I will be hosting the following lectures:

| Gertrude Berg: "Experiments in autonomous trash collection"
| Benjamin Miller: "Your Waste From Space: Looking Down at New York's Garbage Footprint"
| Michael Mandiberg: "10 Things I've Learned About Staten Island"
| Robin Nagle: "Lost at Sea: The Quiet Terrors of Trash, Then & Now"

You can read their bios after the jump.

Adult Education: Trash and the City
Union Hall
April 8, 2008
702 Union St. @ 5th Avenue (Park Slope)
Doors open at 7:30

Photo by Boston Bill

CHARLES STAR (HOST)  is a Brooklyn-based comedian who has written for the Onion News Network and Stay Free! magazine.

BENJAMIN MILLER is author of Fat of the Land: The Garbage of New York, the Past Two Hundred Years. As a former New York City Department of Sanitation official and an environmental policy consultant, he knows more about New York's trash than anyone should.

ROBIN NAGLE, anthropologist-in-residence at the New York City Department of Sanitation and director of the Draper Interdisciplinary Master's Program at New York University, is finishing a book about the Department of Sanitation called Picking Up, due out next year from Farrar, Straus & Giroux. She was on the job as a sanitation worker, where she picked up trash, plowed snow, and operated a mechanical broom without causing irreparable harm to the City of New York.

MICHAEL MANDIBERG is a Research Fellow at Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology and an Assistant Professor at the College of Staten Island. He commutes by bicycle (and ferry), except when it snows.

GERTRUDE BERG is a Brooklyn-based artist who takes care of her own trash.

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