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The New York Times Goes Hollywood

Is the Times conspiring with the forces calling for sinking government money into roads and highways, as opposed to mass transit? 

"Obama, Pave Atlantic Avenue."

So sayeth the headline to a story about what New Yorkers want the new administration to spend money on. Funny thing is, the quote that the headline was taken from gives a very different impression of what the author wants:

I’d say we need bigger and better schools and hospitals, especially in neighborhoods like Bushwick in Brooklyn, where I live. Roads and bridges, they have other chances to get fixed, but kids get only one chance to go to school. If they asked me, maybe I might say, “Obama, pave Atlantic Avenue.” But that’s for me, and it’s peanuts compared to all the additional stuff we need to do, which is to invest in the schools and hospitals.

Kinda reminds me of Blurb Racket.

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