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We're guest blogging at Consumerist thru July 3

Jason and I are guest blogging at Consumerist for a bit, as part of our calculated plan for world domination.

Nearly all "Eco" Product Claims Are Misleading

Sams Club Giving Kids Candy In Pill Bottles

Toothpaste Purchase Results In 3-foot Long Receipt

Furniture Store Habitat Caught Exploiting Iran Via Twitter

... and more on the way at Consumerist.

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Woohoo, it's out! Ad Nauseam: A Survivor's Guide to American Consumer Culture

Ad-nauseam-avatar At long last, the book Jason and I have been working on for a couple of years is now available for purchase: Ad Nauseam: A Survivor's Guide to American Consumer Culture. You will like it.

We have also erected a website, where you can see the table of contents and read the foreword—by the superfine New York Times Magazine columnist Rob Walker—and preface. 

Much to my dismay, the book does not include an index but I am fast at work correcting the matter (which is to say, making one myself) and will post it shortly. 

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Interview on WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show

Jason and I were on Brian Lehrer—um, without Brian Lehrer—today talking about Ad Nauseam. You can listen to it here if you like:

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