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Here's an index for our book, Ad Nauseam


It's a long (or, rather, uninteresting) story but our book, Ad Nauseam, doesn't have an index. I was hoping that Amazon's "search inside" feature could help fill that gap, but our publisher says it takes a while for Amazon to make it functional. 

So I've gone ahead and made an index myself. I have no idea how to make an index, frankly, and there are no doubt a number of typos, but for those of you who have bought the book or are considering buying it, it's better than nothing.
Link (pdf)

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Blogger for hire!

Jason and I are blogging at Boing Boing this week and next. Other than that, we're just sitting around basking in all the royalties that our book has brought in.

Which reminds me that, while I've never been particularly good at self-promotion, I'm pretty eager to get back to (paid) work. If anyone knows someone looking to hire a writer/blogger/editor/graphic designer, kindly let me know: brooklynite282 (at) gmail.

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Reading in Brooklyn this Sunday, July 19

Hello. For those of you in Brooklyn, my friend Daniel Wright and I will be presenting slide shows based on excerpts from our new books. I'm going to read "The Curious History of Subliminal Advertising," adapted from my book, Ad Nauseam: A Survivor's Guide to American Consumer Culture. And Daniel will be showing "A Brief Guide to Child-Rearing Devices," from Patently Silly: The Daftest Inventions Ever Devised.

(Incidentally, both of these talks were originally given at Adult Education.)

Vox Pop 
Sunday, July 19, 5 pm
1022 Cortelyou, in Ditmas Park
(Q to Cortelyou or F to Ditmas)

Hope you can make it.

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