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Nice review of AD NAUSEAM @ Advertising Age

Man, if only we'd gotten this Advertising Age review in earlier, we could have ripped out some choice blurbage. Martin Bihl writes:

The writing is generally smart, sharp and fast. Think of it as a sort of "Daily Show" if the "Daily Show" were fixated only on consumer culture. And if it didn't have any commercials. And were a book.

The fifth section of "Ad Nauseam" briefs readers on the history of advertising (or more precisely, on the history of how advertisers view consumers). It's one of the most concise, readable and clear-eyed reviews of this industry I've ever encountered. Few punches are pulled, and as such, one emerges with an honest -- and, at times, embarrassing -- understanding of how we ended up where we are. You may never look at "Mad Men" quite the same way again. Or "Bewitched," for that matter. This section alone is worth the price of admission.

We've got a couple of other good ones as well, from the Second Pass and from Slate. These are old, though. Yeah, yeah, I should have posted earlier... kill me...

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