Adult Education: Babies and American Industry

Stay Free! presents:

Adult Education: A Useless Lecture Series - "Babies and American Industry"
Tuesday, May 6, 2008 - 8 pm (doors at 7:30)
Union Hall in Park Slope
702 Union St. @ 5th Ave
$5 cover

At Adult Education, each month is devoted to a given theme, and 4-5 speakers will address some aspect of that theme using visual aids.

| Pamela Paul, “Baby Gear Your Mother Didn’t Have”
| Daniel Radosh,"Marketing to Christian Kids or The Secret Identity of Bibleman”
| Charles Star, “A Short List of the Worst Children’s Toys Ever”
| Gary Drevitch, “How Princesses and Pokemon Conquered America”
| Susan Gregory Thomas, “Barbie Goes Vertical: How the Marketing Industry Brands Infants and Toddlers”

DANIEL RADOSH is author of the new book Rapture Ready!: Adventures in the Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture. He is a frequent contributor to The New Yorker and a contributing editor at The Week magazine. His writing has appeared in dozens of publications, including The New York Times, Playboy, Esquire, and GQ. In the early 1990s, Radosh was a staff writer and editor at Spy magazine.

PAMELA PAUL is the author of Parenting, Inc.: How We Are Sold on $800
Strollers, Fetal Education, Baby Sign Language, Sleeping Coaches, Toddler Couture, and Diaper Wipe Warmers—and What It Means for Our Children. She writes for Time magazine and the New York Times Book Review, and is the author of two previous books, Pornified and The Starter Marriage. She and her family live in Harlem.

GARY DREVITCH produces the parenting Web site Freelance Dad, contributes to magazines like Parents and Jewish Living, and writes non-fiction books for children. He is also the senior editor of A father of three, he has become part of the Pokemon problem, and now seeks its solution.

SUSAN GREGORY THOMAS is an investigative journalist and broadcaster and the author of Buy Buy Baby: How Consumer Culture Manipulates Parents and Harms Young Minds. Formerly a senior editor at U.S. News & World Report and co-host of public television’s Digital Duo, she has also written for Time, the Washington Post, Glamour, and elsewhere. She has two children, seven and four years old.

CHARLES STAR is a sometimes lawyer, sometimes comic, and host of Adult Ed. But he is mostly known for his excellent cat.

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Adult Education: Trash and the City - Tonight!

Carrie and I are hosting another session of our lecture series Adult Education tonight in Park Slope at Union Hall. Tonight's lecture, Trash and the City, has some great topics and actual bona fide experts!

I will be hosting the following lectures:

| Gertrude Berg: "Experiments in autonomous trash collection"
| Benjamin Miller: "Your Waste From Space: Looking Down at New York's Garbage Footprint"
| Michael Mandiberg: "10 Things I've Learned About Staten Island"
| Robin Nagle: "Lost at Sea: The Quiet Terrors of Trash, Then & Now"

You can read their bios after the jump.

Adult Education: Trash and the City
Union Hall
April 8, 2008
702 Union St. @ 5th Avenue (Park Slope)
Doors open at 7:30

Photo by Boston Bill

CHARLES STAR (HOST)  is a Brooklyn-based comedian who has written for the Onion News Network and Stay Free! magazine.

BENJAMIN MILLER is author of Fat of the Land: The Garbage of New York, the Past Two Hundred Years. As a former New York City Department of Sanitation official and an environmental policy consultant, he knows more about New York's trash than anyone should.

ROBIN NAGLE, anthropologist-in-residence at the New York City Department of Sanitation and director of the Draper Interdisciplinary Master's Program at New York University, is finishing a book about the Department of Sanitation called Picking Up, due out next year from Farrar, Straus & Giroux. She was on the job as a sanitation worker, where she picked up trash, plowed snow, and operated a mechanical broom without causing irreparable harm to the City of New York.

MICHAEL MANDIBERG is a Research Fellow at Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology and an Assistant Professor at the College of Staten Island. He commutes by bicycle (and ferry), except when it snows.

GERTRUDE BERG is a Brooklyn-based artist who takes care of her own trash.

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Tonight!: Adult Ed presents "Animals & Sin"

FebruaryemailUPDATE: Time Out NY named Adult Ed the "Best of the Day" in the About Town section, and The Onion A.V. Club called Adult Education "both informative and thoroughly entertaining."


Our second Adult Education show is coming up this Tuesday. The topic this time: Animals and Sin.

For those new to our series, Adult Ed is our new monthly lecture series devoted to making useless
knowledge somewhat less useless. Each month is devoted to a given theme, and 4 speakers will address some aspect of that theme using visual aids.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Union Hall in Park Slope
702 Union St. @ 5th Ave
8 pm  - $5

Tonight's lineup:

Mikki Halpin: Sexual Violence in the Domestic Pug
Jeffrey Kastner: A Brief History of Animals on Trial
Carrie McLaren: The Legacy of W. N. Kellogg's The Ape and the Child
Charles Star: The Quest to Develop Kosher Bacon

Daniel Radosh was scheduled to speak but, alas, had to go out of town. He will be missed. Stay Free's own Charles Star will be presenting his talk in his stead (along with sharing his notes on masturbation, sodomy, necrophilia, and group sex in the animal kingdom).

RELATED: Time Out NY story on Adult Education.

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New copyright documentary - free NYC screening, 1/31

Freedomofexpression Free Culture @ NYU is screening the new documentary by friend-of-Stay Free! Kembrew McLeod, Freedom of Expression®: Resistance and Repression in the Age of Intellectual Property, at 9pm on Thursday, January 31. Yours truly appears in the film as one of several copyfighting talking heads.

Narrated by Naomi Klein, the film features interviews with Stanford Law’s Lawrence Lessig, Illegal Art Show curator Carrie McLaren, Negativland’s Mark Hosler, [and] UVA media scholar Siva Vaidhyanathan....among many others. This 53-minute documentary will be preceded by selections from Negativland’s new DVD, Our Favorite Things, and it will be followed by a Q&A with Freedom of Expression® author and director Kembrew McLeod and co-producer Jeremy Smith.

Freedom of Expression Screening and Q&A
Free and Open to the Public (bring ID if non-NYU)
Thursday, January 31, 2008, 9:00pm
NYU’s Courant Institute Room #109
251 Mercer Street b/w Bleecker and W. 4th

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Time Out story on Adult Education

From page 10 of this week's Time Out: a nifty feature on Stay Free's new lecture series, Adult Ed! (Major thanks to Jason Torchinsky for helping coming up with the syllabus.)


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Adult Education: Tuesday, Jan. 22

Microsm_4 A gentle reminder that the debut of our new event series, Adult Education, is just around the corner: Tuesday, Jan. 22, at Union Hall in Park Slope (Union at 5th Ave.), at 8 pm. The topic for the evening is Microgenre. Hope you can make it!

See our previous post for info... or visit our Facebook and MySpace pages.

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Stay Free! presents "Adult Education"

Adult Education Stay Free! is pleased to announce the launch of Adult Education, a monthly series at Union Hall in Park Slope. Each program will feature 4 or 5 speakers presenting brief lectures that use visuals of one stripe or another (kind of like "show and tell" for grown-ups). Each show will have a theme and each lecture will tie in loosely to that theme. Stay Free!'s own Charles Star will host.

To be kept abreast of forthcoming themes and events, see our MySpace and Facebook pages. Here's what we've got so far:

Tues., January 22, 2008
Union Hall (Union & 5th St., Park Slope), 8 pm

On YouTube, there are scores of toddler's expressions after sucking on lemons. Entire groups of flickr photos are organized around photos of people wearing sweatshirts, photos of painted trains, photos of body hair. You could fill a small bookshelf with fake children's memoirs. In this show, we discuss several examples of what we're calling "micro-genres."

Liz Clayton: The Architecture of Converted Fast-Food Restaurants
Paul Lukas: On Elevator World, American Jails, and other obscure trade magazines
Heidi Cody: First National Icons: Native Americans in Grocery Brands
Jim Hanas: On meta-tourism: photos of tourists taking photos
Russell Scholl: On TV Commercials for Personal Hygiene Products

Tues., February 12, 2008

Union Hall (Union & 5th St., Park Slope), 8 pm

This will be the first in our series of "hybrid" themes, where we combine two dissonant topics and ask writers to come up with a lecture that somehow manages to incorporate both.

Daniel Radosh: The Quest to Develop Kosher Bacon
Mikki Halpin: Sexual Violence in the Domestic Pug
Jeffrey Kastner: A Brief History of Animals on Trial
Carrie McLaren: Animal Hoarding as Social Ill: Beware the Cat Lady

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Co-op Bar Comedy Night - Thurs. in NYC 8pm - free

Coop_comedynight_flyer_2Co-blogger Charles Star and I have organized a Comedy Night at the Co-op Bar, an underground bar/art piece I have installed at Eyebeam. Admission is free, the drinks are cheap, and all the profits go towards no-bureaucracy, mini-grants for artists. Charles has put together some great comics and it should be a lot of fun. Bring your friends!

Thursday Night - 8pm
540 W. 21st St between 10th and 11th.
email Steve Lambert for info - slambert at eyebeam dot org

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ROFL! @ Joe's Pub, This Friday

RoflmfaoThis Friday night, I will be representing Stay Free! at ROFL!, a web video "competiton" that pits some of the coolest websites against each other to show the funniest stuff online. Last month's show was great, and there is a great roster of competitors this month, so I hope you can come out and join us.

Host: Dave Hill
Musical Guest: Curtis Eller
Featuring: Me, Jason Kottke (, Cintra Wilson (Salon), Peggy Wang (Buzzfeed), Marisa Olson (Rhizome), Brett O'Connor (Negatendo), John Michael Boling and Javier Morales (53 O's) and Earl Dax (Scenedowntown).

Friday, July 27 @ 11:30PM
Joe's Pub
425 Lafayette St. (just South of Astor Place)

ROFL! is presented by The Onion and Paper Thin Walls. Tickets are $15 and you can get them online here, by calling 212-967-7555 or at the door.

Image via I Can Has Cheezburger?

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NYC Comedy on Thursday Night

Murrowfront4 Last March, I got together with a few of my comedian friends to set up a show where we could get get audition tapes made. Remember? It was a qualified  success - full house, great sets, awsome time - but I remain decidedly not famous. Possibly because last year I was rocking back and forth like I was davening.

Anyway, like I said, we are doing it again, with less bobbing and weaving:

Thursday, May 10 at 8PM
Mo Pitkin's - 34 Avenue A between 2d St. and 3d St.
Only $5!

Hosted by: Tony Camin (Comedy Central, The Marijuana-logues)
Charles Star - Onion Network News contributor and, of course, Stay Free!
Rachael Parenta
Adrienne Iapalucci
Claudia Cogan - Fake Gay News
Headliner: Pete Holmes (VH1's Best Week Ever, Comedy Central)

I hope some of you can make it out.

Longer bios of the host and headliner below the fold.

Our headliner is the hilarious Pete Holmes. Pete Holmes is on VH1's Best Week Ever, was on Comedy Central's Premium Blend, is a favorite at and is the host of periodic late-night open mic Gut Bucket at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Also, we play poker together sometimes. Some of those links have clips, if you want a preview.

The whole thing is hosted by Tony Camin, who has also been on Premium Blend, is one of the co-writers of hit play The Marijuana-logues, and is the co-host of the live talk show Broin' Out at UCB. If you haven't been following the links, you can see another clip of him here.

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